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October 05, 2009


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I had never heard of this book before the film came out (and went out just as quickly, apparently) this past summer. Now you're the second person I know who has been deeply effected by reading it. I'm curious to read it now, although your second last paragraph makes me nervous. My own melancholy and worrywart mentality make it difficult for me (and you too, I guess) to handle themes without redemption or some sort of upside...


Well, others have seen it as a bit more redemptive. All the reviews and stuff say it is a story about the victory of love over time, the power of true love, etc., etc. And maybe it is. I guess that's just not what I felt in my gut when I finished it.


You've definitely peaked my interest (and I won't be seeing the movie either, hunky though Eric Bana might be...), I'll let you know my feelings about it - I have trouble relinquishing control in life, so your response to the book sounds like me.

have a good weekend!

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