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November 08, 2010


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Seems to me you have 'less' to lose by sleeping in separate rooms for a while. I mean, you won't know until you try. I agree with you that sleeping in the same bed is important but at the same time there are couples that happy as two peas in a pod and have had to sleep in separate beds for year - because of snoring or other things. Seems to me it might also make "getting together" a little bit exciting - kind of like sleeping in separate rooms at Mom's house before you were married. :-)


I agree with Beverly! Just try it for a while; it can't hurt more than it does now. Sleep is important! It will make everyone (especially you) feel better. It is not a SIGN. It is only a sign that you need sleep. Promise Mr. SOC some of the ol' carefree passion IF you get to spend a few nights sleeping apart without guilt. Maybe?

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