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October 09, 2009


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So freakin' true. And I love how half the people saying "hands off my healthcare" are recipients of government run Medicare. Don't get me started on that. Having dealt with a MIL coming here and being sick and dying of cancer and not having health insurance - and being an American citizen but having no options - I just hope that these people fighting it don't ever have to face some the choices/things we had to think about this summer. It makes me sad too.


Great post. Don't delete! Is it the American Dream that has created this selfishness? Is it because early generations had so so little, that people are so out of control now? It has to switch back at some point. Right? Dunno. What can we do about it? No clue. Spread the love, maybe. Hope that it doesn't take a global apocalypse to fix things (I'm thinking of Cormac McCarthy's "The Road." But I guess that didn't set many things right either...)

I believe health care reform will pass. Things will get better. Positive thinking -- that's all I can do.


Bravo! Don't delete it. It's beautifully written - from the heart.

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