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May 19, 2008


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I'm sorry if you feel duped. I try to be transparent about most things, esp. whenever I am offered freebies and the like. At the time that I signed the contract, I also was making a conscious effort to clean up my mouth on my blog so I didn't even think about disclosing it my readers. Nothing else changed about the way I blog so disclosing it didn't cross my mind. Plus the only person who noticed the change was my 90yo grandfather-in-law who told me that he missed all the f-bombs. :-) My contract has been up for month and I haven't really slipped back into swearing up a blue streak, and I don't think I will. I think it is up to each blogger to disclose the terms of their contracts or agreement with readers.

And, I think mommy blogger can be used to describe moms who work outside the home as well as moms who don't, but that's my own personal take on it. I don't have a problem with the phrase and use it to describe myself even though I work (from home). In addition, I am also a personal blogger, a food blogger, a political blogger...I'm kinda hard to define, but I don't mind the labels.


I agree, people are taking it too seriously. On the other hand, especially as a relatively young parent whose friends were more interested in partying than they were in potty training, I found blogging a really helpful way to get in touch with people havig similar experiences.


Thanks for your comments. And I appreciate your response, Stefania. I guess I'm pretty sensitive about corporate influence on blogs. I hate the thought of them co-opting this medium. And it really freaks me out to think that I'm reading stuff that I think is genuine, and it's really subliminal advertising that someone has been paid to write.

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